Order Cancellation

Why was my order cancelled?

We will be unable to process your order/item if one of the following scenarios takes place:

  • Order Verification – Wrong Phone Number

Our team was unable to reach you on your shared contact details.

  • Address without any landmark or correct house/unit #

Your order will not be processed if your address is not correct.

  • Duplicate order

In case of a duplicate order placed within the same time span, our team will request you give a confirmation on the second order placed, otherwise, we’ll just go ahead and cancel it.

Please note – When we are unable to process an order, it will be automatically cancelled. You will receive an email confirmation notifying you of the same.

One of the item(s) has been cancelled from my order, why?

We want to make sure that everything in your order is in perfect condition before sending it out to you.

Sometimes, the item or the size you have bought was the last piece we had in our inventory, and during the usual quality check, it doesn’t pass as it was not in a condition we would want you to have and thus it gets cancelled.

Some items from my order got cancelled, how do I get my refund?

If you paid via PayPal, we will refund the paid value of these cancelled items in the form of AHIDIS Credit & you will receive an email with your new AHIDIS credit balance in your AHIDIS Member’s Login ID once your refund is complete.

If you opted for cash on delivery, you will only have to pay the amount for the items being shipped to you.

If you paid by credit/debit card, the funds paid are reserved by the card issuing bank – we don’t actually claim the money until your order is shipped and handed over to the carrier. The Bank releases the payment to us only for those products which get shipped. For more information, you may reach out or make a correspondence call with your issuing bank.

In case you cancel your order before shipping, it may take up to 7-10 working days for your bank or card issuer to make your funds available for you again (in some cases of a debit card, you might have to wait for your upcoming monthly statement).

Account on AHIDIS

Why Login and what does it mean?

It is very important for you to have an account and login in order to have full access at AHIDIS. For convenience and security reasons, we need to know your account details in order to allow you to shop with us. If you still do not have an account, please create one today.


Where do you deliver?


We offer delivery across the major metropolitan areas of United Arab Emirates.

What if the item I received is damaged on delivery?

In case we made a mistake, create a ticket of return and exchange by visiting My Accounts – My Orders. We will schedule a pick-up of the item and immediately issue “AHIDIS” credit to place a new order.

Shipping Charges


If your order is below 200 AED, there will be a service charge of 15 AED levied to cover the cost to us of providing the shipping service.


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